Marketing Background

The Real Estate Industry of China has gone through a ‘gross’ development for one decade. During this period, the Real Estate buildings are mainly getting into public’s awareness in the form of products. But there’s no doubt that the current Chinese Real Estate Industry has entered into a Silver Age, where the public will no longer pay for the products hastily. As a result, “Design creates value” comes to be the core value of China Real Estate market of next decade.

Real Estate Design China Award emerges in such background of times. 


As the president of Jury, Xing Tonghe shall accompany with the Academic Judges Zhuang Weimin, Meng Jianmin, and Li Zhenyu, and the 16 representatives of Chinese famous developers, who have strong architecture background, to make up of a super grand professional jury.

The architecture represents the language of an age. The committee bears the responsibility for leading the Excellent Real Estate Design of next 10 years and even 20 years, making our cities and society become more sustainable through small effects, and using the language of our time to form a power of order.