Missed it in 2015 and don’t miss it again in 2016

Real Estate Design China Award 2015- 2016

BACK with Strong Force and Present Stirringly!

Real Estate Design China Award has drawn quite some attention and praise after being officially launched. It breaks the existing system of award voting mode inChina. The insistence reflected by this award casts a bright light on shadowed domestic real estate industry.

With the same faith, Real Estate Design China Award was immediately highly acknowledged and praised by the jury after being launched;

With the same insistence, Real Estate Design China Award attracts active application from both domestic and foreign designers;

With the same pursuit, our sponsor who deems quality as his only pursuit selected Real Estate Design China Award-.

On Aug. 8 2015, works of Real Estate Design China Award are commenced again with great expectations of the entire design circle from beginning of the autumn. The Organization Committee hereby invites colleagues in the design industry to offer more support and focus, and to establish a Chinese international- level design with effort made by all of us.

Review on 2015

The Organization Committee gives no commitment about belonging of the Awards. Participants have to compete for their participation qualification with their own power. In 2014, the Organization Committee had totally received 285 works from 78 application institutions inChina(includingHong Kong,MacaoandTaiwan), US,UK,Australia, Netherland, German, France andCanada. Besides, 208,021 people participated in voting for the award in mainland area ofChina. After intense competition, only 72 works were granted with shortlisted qualification (primarily 73 works, with one work disqualified for in compliance in design timing). Being shortlisted is already a great honor!

On Mar. 29, 2015, final judge convention and the award ceremony of Real Estate Design China Award was held at Shanghai International Convention Center on the bank of Huangpu River, Shanghai.

Thanks again for active support of all design institutions. It is your insistence and dream that enables the Real Estate Design China Award to revitalize the public opinion of “design is value” in domestic real estate design industry. 

Post- event promotion, continuous affection

The solemn and magnificent award ceremony ended inShanghaiin March. However, the Organization Committee is still working on promotion and advertisement on awarded enterprises and sponsors. We have been actively seeking for more professional platforms, and organizing public-interest works exhibition and speech promotion for all awarded enterprises.

: 021-6150 9023

Tel of the Organization Committee: 021- 6150 9023

New beginning in 2016

The Real Estate Design China Award of 2015- 2016 will follow the Jury last year. Meanwhile, the Organization Committee will seek for real estate developers with stronger architectural background which are willing to assign their knowledgeable staff of both professional knowledge and sufficient spare time to participate in co- work of the Jury.

Concentration and profession of the Organization Committee on the Award will promote the Real Estate Design China Award to develop to a higher level in the next year.

(The photo is the picture of the jury of 2015 award took at the site.)

The Organization Committee, by hearing professional guidance of from people in the industry and elaborate planning of talents in the industry, has alternated award application categorization this year. We make complicated matters simple, move from single to comprehensive perspective and integrate in multiple layers and multiple angles. Award arrangement for 2015 is as the follows: comprehensive project award and individual profession award. The comprehensive project award is divided into residential group, commercial group and comprehensive group; the individual profession award is divided into planning design, indoor design and landscape design.

The Organization Committee of Real Estate Design China Award has announced commencement of award application on Aug. 8, 2015. The industry responds to the announcement with active reaction, and shows supportive attitude towards the event and the willing of making effect on establishing an international design award for Chinese real estate industry!

At last, thanks again for support of the following institutions, thanks for your kind help!

Thanks for support from the following sponsors!

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