“Three Highs” Entered into Real Estate Design China Award Jury


Award application for the Real Estate Design China Award has been started only for a month, and yet this month was really busy.

Various people asked that, “if we want to join your jury, what kind of background and qualifications should we have?” those people come from real estate companies, participation companies and medium circle, etc.; In a word, I have vaguely felt that our judges will be warmly welcomed!

Since it is highly concerned by you guys, as the “logistics minister” of the REDesign China Award jury of the Real Estate Design China Award, please let me summarize the jury standards for you sequentially.

High appearance value 

Although they can live on good looks, they choose to live on strength.

Personage Introduction: judge of equivalent appearance in the REDesign China Award jury

This is the Deputy General Manager of Standardized Design, Research and Development in New World China Land Limited -He Dingkang 

If there are some questions about standardized design, it is trusted that the Hong Kong-invested developers can bring us more different views.

(To whisper, Wallace is a golden bachelor!) 

High level 

Life is always fair, and no pains no gains.
I feel this sentence is fully shown by judges. 

These great people hold important posts and have rich professional knowledge and management skill. What do they do on weekends? Dinner parties? No, you are out!

Busy in internet+? No, no, they are all sober-minded and ambitious!

Let me tell you. Many judges choose to continue studying on weekends and these kinds of people are really numerous!

Let me introduce one of our judges, and see:

Personage introduction: He is the person having the highest level in the READesign China Award jury

(I have been in tangle for a long time because all judges have the highest level)

This is the Deputy General Architect of Greenland Group-Jia Zhaohui, and in the industry he is called: Lao Jia.

His professional level equals the super high-rise altitude ofGreenlandand he is an outstanding person in the real estate industry based on his super high-rise contribution.

High social status 

Stay with a good-looking person for a long time- tired heart 

Stand with a high altitude person for a long time- fatigued body 
Be with a high social status person- exhausted mind and body 
If you think this way, you are making a big mistake.

Personage introduction: He is the leader of REDesign China Award jury.

Chairman of the jury of Real Estate Design China Award-Xing Tonghe, public-named Master!
The master treats his juniors like his own offspring with love and care;
For the profession, the master expresses one of his negligible ideas in detail only to make people better understand his ideas. 
Masters deserve the title indeed. They are modest, cautious, persistent, earnest and mild, etc. I don’t know what kinds of words can be used to describe them.


Actually, I intend to summarize on behalf of the Organization Committee:

Our jury does not require the high appearance value, high level and high social status respectively, but the comprehensive “three highs”!

The most important point of joining the jury is that consensus shall be reached for our awards: 


Willing to jointly build the high specification award of China real estate standards with existing judges and offer our own intelligence, strength and even financial resources;

Willing to contribute our own professional knowledge to elevate the design level of China real estate business; 

Willing to make our city and society become warm and hospitable through the real estate development!


Real Estate Design China Award

2015-2016 豪华评委阵容(排名不分先后)










阴 杰,SOHO中国首席建筑师/高级副总裁


范 炜,上海保利房地产开发有限公司副总经理兼南通公司执行总裁




寿 东,宝龙集团研发定位中心总经理

钱 毅,雨润集团副总裁


常 宇,祥源控股集团股份有限公司副总裁

于 鹏,世茂房地产设计总监




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