Real Estate Design China Award Entering into 2015 Suqian Economic and Trade Fair

Real Estate Design China Award Entering into 2015 Suqian Economic and Trade Fair

Located in the north of Jiangsu Province, Suqian belongs to the intersectional radiation area of economic circle (belt) of the Yangtze River Delta, industrial belt of East Longhai, coastal economic belt and riverside economic belt. Suqian has a long history and enjoys great culture prosperity. The city was called Xiaxiang, Suyu as well as Zhongwu in ancient times and is also the hometown of Xiang Yu, the Great Conqueror of West Chu. Traversed by world cultural heritage-the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, Suqian adjoinsLuomaLakein the north and is close toHongzeLakein the south. Since ancient times, Suqian has been described as “the city situated in the south of Shandong and north of Yangtze River and Huai River, and located between two rivers (namely Yellow River and Yangtze River), as well as the key to two “jings” (namely Beijing and Nanjing).

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On October 10, 2015 Suqian Economic and Trade Fair, the 3rd China Green Materials Cooperation Forum & 2015 Suqian Green Material Fair for two days has its curtain raised at Suqian International Convention & Exhibition Center. Sponsors of the Forum & Fair were People’s Government of Suqian City and China Building Materials News, and organizers are People’s Government of Sucheng District,SuqianCityand Nanjing Stuttgart Joint Exhibition Ltd. The Fair covered 5,000 square meters in total and has attracted near 150 exhibitors from home and abroad. Jiang Minglin, counselor of the State Council, Zhou Changyi, Director of Raw Material Department of Ministry of Industry and Information, Xu Guocheng, Deputy Mayor of Xi’ning of Qinghai Province, Wei Guoqiang, Secretary of Municipal Party Committee of Suqian, Wang Tianqi, Mayor of Suqian, Lyu Deming, Executive Deputy Mayor of People’s Government of Suqian City, Sun Shifang, Chief of Confidential Reference Department of Economic Daily, Yang Jun, Director of China Building Materials News and Muller, President of German Stuttgart Exhibition Company have attended the opening ceremony.

As the organizer of Real Estate Design China Award, Ruizan Planning Consultancy (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: ZAM) this time was invited to be one of co-organizers of this large-scale activity held by Suqian Government and made excellent presentation in the Opening Ceremony with its award-wining work in the Real Estate Design China Award, attracting attention from persons from the government and all other circles. 


Meanwhile, the overseas exhibition group planned and organized by ZAM has formed beautiful scenery at the Convention & Exhibition this time, attracting many governments and audiences to linger and start learning and communicating at the overseas exhibition area. Representatives of the overseas exhibition group include international first-class design and building materials enterprises such as Aedas, MG2, S3-lab, EUMake, Histep Healthy Home, Taiwan M.J. and Mekar.

In main forum held at the same time in the Exhibition, Thomas Fritzsche, Chief Designer of FTA and partner, has delivered a speech named “Three-dimensionally Integrated Green Park”; and Xu Jun, Director of Gold Mantis Landscape Design Institute, has given a speech “Entry into the Intelligentialized Era of Building Water Supply System”.

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The Economic and Trade Fair is known as a larger-scale grand meeting of economic and trade held in Suqian which has turned out to be fruitful. 325 traveling businessmen in total have been invited with 49 projects signed and accumulative amount of investment is RMB 17.11 billion. Among those projects, 6 are foreign-invested and total amount of investment is 187 million dollars; and, 45 are industrial projects and total amount of investment is RMB 16.17 billion. The Fair may be called a great success!

SuqianInternationalConvention & ExhibitionCenter: designed bySoutheastUniversityin 2011 and completed in September 2014.

Covered area: 45 thousand square meters; net exhibition area: 25 thousand square meters (excluding outdoor exhibition); number of exhibition pavilions: 4; and number of exhibition halls: 5. Total number of parking places: 1000.

2015 Suqian Economic and Trade Fair held by Suqian Government is the initial exhibition of Suqian International Convention & Exhibition Center. As a city non-specialized in exhibition industry, the initial exhibition has already been proven to be remarkable.

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