Strategic Alliance Assembly Is Sounded in the Gradually Drowsy Design Circle

For Real Estate Design China Award of 2015-2016, if you miss the final round of registration, you really can only wait for the next year. 

Real estate industry is in depression and for the rectification, staff reduction and transformation of design industry, besides much bad-mouthing sound in the industry, there seems to be no beautiful song. 

Colleagues who leave the real estate or design industry due to all kinds of reasons also respond to the call of Premier Li Keqiang at the moment to choose the road of “public entrepreneurship and people’s innovation”; there are slogans of internet plus everywhere and it seems that every warrior carries forward the dream of internet of Ma Yun: dream is always required, which may be realized by chance. 

“Because the market is in depression like that, will the registration of Real Estate Design China Award be influenced?”

This is the question the Organization Committee receives most. “We reply sincerely: there will be influenced. The first reason is that it is difficult to enter or be selected for the next round of competition and win the award for Real Estate Design China Award, which makes many participating institutions shrink back at the sight of it; the second reason is that the trend of real estate industry is not good, which leads to the relative less output of excellent works.”

However, the development of Real Estate Design China Award has been determined since it was initiated and founded in 2014. When the market is in good condition, how many enterprises really attentively focus on design? Currently, real estate enters silver age and the entire industry slows down her steps. No, it shall be said that the entire industry returns back to the pace she shall have. Both the real estate circle and the design circle start to devote themselves to the study of good works and this is an age of rebirth of the industry. 

Organization Committee of Award seeks for the enterprises which voice the most influential opinions in this worst age, finds out the good works which belong to the next age by virtue of the opportunity, and can rise abruptly based on its accumulated strength with the development of the industry. 

Because of the same idea 

Because of the same idea, there is no one absent for the powerful jury line-up of Real Estate Design China Award in 2015, Xing Tonghe is the Chairman of the Jury and there are domestic and international famous judges in real estate circle: tight jury with about 20 people composed of Chang Yu, Chen Jianbang, Feng Tengfei, Fan Wei, Guo Yonghai, He Dingkang, Hu Shuzhi, Jia Zhaohui, Ju Peicheng, Qian Yi, She Xiaoyin, Shou Dong, Xu Haidong, Yin Jie, Yu Zhangrong, Yu Peng and Zhu Xiaojuan. Meanwhile, the jury shares its rich experience and industrial resources to strive to make Real Estate Design China Award reach highest level in 2016. (Judges are ranked in the priority of name initials)


Because of the same insistence 

Because of the same insistence, strategic cooperation is achieved for the interior plate of Real Estate Design China Award and id+c, the society publication of Interior Design Branch of Architectural Society of China. As the oldest brand domestic interior design magazine which has been established for 29 years, id+c has never held any award appraisal and election in the industry. The reason is investigated to be that award appraisal and election are originally a complicated system, the company has the honor to cooperate with the industry authority with regard to interior plate of Real Estate Design China Award, and it is believed that it will blow a pure and fresh wind into the interior design industry. (Interior items are exempted from application fee)


Because of the same pursuit

For the purpose of the same pursuit, Real Estate Design China Award acquires the favor of Shanghai UBM Sinoexpo International Exhibition Co.Ltd which is a Chinese company of UBM Group and a strategic cooperation agreement is signed for it on November 18, 2015 to introduce the Real Estate Design China Award into Shanghai hotel design and engineering exhibition which is a grand meeting of architecture and interior design circle and will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center from March 29, 2016 to April 1, 2016. This win-win co-operation of both parties will put forth effort to get through the engineering channel procurement chain among the developers, hotel management company, commercial space owners and the designers to provide an one-stop procurement platform of “design + materials selection for the commercial space construction preparation and reconstruction projects such as hotels, chamber and holiday villages, etc. 

The strongest assembly of Real Estate DesignChinaAward has been sounded and the final registration link shall not be missed again in 2015. 

See you in the competition terrain in 2016! We welcome you to take out your masterworks and look forward to your participation! 

Important time node

Application materials submitted by: December 30, 2015

Shortlist announcement: January 30, 2016

Shortlist speech and inspiration awards gala: March 30, 2016

The Jury line-up of Real Estate Design China Award
























Interaction and participation of all people | recommended jury

Recommended standard| Standard

1. Juror shall be in-service developer; 

2. Have professional planning, architecture, landscape, interior and other design background; 

Recommend return | Return

1. If the recommendation is successful, the recommender will have opportunity to participate in the jury meeting and the on-site inspiration awards gala;

2. The recommended person will have opportunity to participate in the jury meeting and inspiration awards gala and win the juror certificate of Real Estate Design China Award;


Contact information of the Organization Committee: 

Chinese hotline: 021-61509023 (Miss Shao)

English hotline: 021-53856557

QQ: 3186919921 

Address: Room 1101, Building A,SOHO Fuxing Square, No.388,Madang Road,ShanghaiMunicipality (200025)

Director hotline: Zhong Qin 138 1722 3841,

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